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Artist Statement

I am a British-Ugandan multidisciplinary artist living in London.

Poetry is a medium I turn to as a source of healing, as it helps me articulate my understanding of this crazy world we live in. My poetry focuses on themes of the self, society, nature and love, primarily from inward-looking perspectives. 

Piece Description


Earlier this year, I attended an eco-poetry workshop run by Off The Chest. The session really opened my eyes to the myriad of factors that contribute towards climate change. That’s how this poem was born.


I wanted the piece to reflect on the interconnectedness of societal decisions, our actions as individuals, and how this cause and effect plays a role in the changes we see in our current and future environment.


I love to ask questions in my work that make people think beyond the surface. This piece uses wordplay and metaphors to personify Mother Earth. This draws depth and relatability to our connection with nature, while ultimately asking: How did we get to this point?

You can check out more of Grace's work on Instagram.

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